Remembering Madiba

Nelson Mandela was many things to different people.  To me he was the epitome of forgiveness, warmth, compassion and hope.  In his inimitable way he enchanted and captivated people wherever he went, and South Africa is already a sadder place without him.  From humble beginnings as a young boy in the tiny village of Mvezo in the Eastern Cape to becoming the global icon of the 20th century, Madiba was the glue that held his beloved Rainbow Nation people together.

Hamba Kahle Tata Madiba (Go well Father), you will be sorely missed.


IMG_7127 IMG_7102

IMG_7115 IMG_7123


5 thoughts on “Remembering Madiba

  1. Although I struggle with the idea that he was in fact a terrorist or freedom-fighter and such things fill us with horror today, I know that he really was not a violent man. Apartheid was a terrible thing, both in South Africa and the USA. On his release from prison he stood out as ‘a good guy’ one who truly understood how important it was to forgive and move on. I’m sad that he didn’t remain as president for one more term, but he did, as you say, hold the Rainbow Nation together at a time when there could have been an unspeakable backlash. I only wish there were more people like him in South Africa and the rest of Africa, but I’m afraid he was truly unique. RIP Madiba.


    1. There are only a handful of remarkable individuals every century who stand out way above the rest – like Gandhi and Churchill. I loved Madiba’s easy way with people, his sense of humour and how he made every person he interacted with feel special. The world needs more leaders like Madiba, especially Africa. xxx


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