Colourful Tofo – Part 1

The first thing you notice as the plane prepares to land in Inhambane are the coconut palms.  Hundreds of them dominate the landscape in a haphazard fashion. And then there are the tranquil blue waters in every possible shade of turquoise on the way to Inhambane from Vilanculos.  The moment I saw that, I had visions of capturing the Travel Photo of the Year from Seat 8a, but the flight attendant wasn’t having any of it and asked me to stop taking photos.  After my narrow brush with the law in Salamanga (in case you missed that little bit of excitement see “The Road to Ponta”), I wasn’t going to argue.  But I did get one shot before he spoiled my fun  🙂  Outside the window it’s just tawny sandbanks and piercing blue lagoons.


Inhambane Airport is tiny.  An airstrip and modest building surrounded by coconut palms.  I loved the fact that you could hop off the plane, walk a few metres to the terminal building and literally grab your bag off a trolley and go.  Twenty two kilometres later we were in Tofo, a colourful piece of paradise only two hours north of the Mozambican capital.  It was our home away from home for five sticky but blissful days.

IMG_6579 IMG_6573 IMG_6442 IMG_6335 IMG_6331 IMG_6182 IMG_6177 IMG_6161 IMG_5794 IMG_5759 IMG_5737 IMG_5704 IMG_5702 IMG_5698 IMG_5671 IMG_5655 IMG_5658



4 thoughts on “Colourful Tofo – Part 1

  1. oh yes – definitely paradise. What a wonderful place to stay in, is it a resort? Love the photos too, brilliantly capture the charm of the place 🙂 But what is it with not being allowed to photograph from the air? I’ve been ‘told off’ for this too, and it wasn’t as if we were close to landing anywhere soon either. I do still try to sneak a quick shot in if I can though 😉


    1. Tofo is a small stretch of beach with places to stay. Barra Lodge nearby is an ensamble of grass huts on the way to diving central that somehow got 5 stars but Tofo is far nicer for half the price. I never got the reason why I wasn’t allowed to take pics from the plane. I would have argued the toss but after the close shave in Salamanga I just capitulated. We were 20 mins off landing. We were so close to the front though – if we were much further back I’d probably have a spread of pics 🙂


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