Visitors – welcome and otherwise

We are really lucky to have an abundance of birds in our garden.  They’re lovely to watch and hear – and they provide a constant source of moving targets to test my photographic skills on 🙂

The plants are a huge attraction, but I’ve hung several small bird feeders strategically to attract the seed and fruit eaters.  The trouble is that the feeders have also been attracting looters.

I thought the main one was inaccessible to rogues until I discovered otherwise this weekend after watching a very nimble rat scale a tree, launch onto the feeder and flee back down the tree in seconds.  See if you can spot him making his ascent!


He obviously had his eye on something I bought at the Greyton Saturday market recently – a pinecone filled with peanut butter then rolled in birdseed – but I’ve wised up to Mr Rat and his associates by suspending this from a high branch using very thin wire.


The birds love the pinecone – in fact it’s practically demolished,

IMG_4876 IMG_4890 IMG_4891

Even the Cape Robin has landed on the cone a few times, but seems a lot more comfortable foraging the dregs on the ground.


I may just have to swallow my words and borrow Janie from The Hedgecombers’ recipe for Rodent Pie after all 🙂


8 thoughts on “Visitors – welcome and otherwise

  1. Returned to this post with a question. Do you use smooth or nutty peanut butter on your pine cone? I might give this one a go this winter. I also so a rat on my feeders in the spring and do not want to encourage him and his family back, but I get so much enjoyment in watching the birds flock to the feeders.


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