Band-Aid for a Broken Leg

Those who have visited Africa before will totally understand the phrase mal ‘d’Afrique – that magical, captivating pull this continent exerts, making you want to return time and again.

I understood it again this weekend while reading Damien Brown’s “Band Aid for a Broken Leg – Being a Doctor With No Borders”.  It was one of those books I couldn’t put down, the kind where I willed my sleeping hours away so I could lose myself in its’ pages again.

Heart-wrenchingly sad in places and delightfully funny in others, it’s a beautifully penned and often sobering, candid account of this South African-born Australian doctor’s time as a volunteer in Angola, Mozambique and Sudan.  For anyone who wants an insight into the challenging and bittersweet life of aid work in the far flung corners of poverty-stricken Africa, more often than not with nothing but the most basic resources, this is a must read.  I laughed and cried in equal amounts.

Band aid


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