Signal Hill Supermoon Hike

What better place to watch the rising Perigee Supermoon than Signal Hill, with the iconic Table Mountain and Lion’s Head in the background?


The City Centre and Harbour


Lion’s Head


The parking lot at the Kramat was the start of our hike.


As always there was abundant flora, including loads of proteas on the way up.


Even when it’s slightly overcast as it was yesterday, Cape Town’s famous Wonder of the World stands out magnificently.


This is an incredibly easy walk, either by road or up a winding path where you can watch the sun set on the Camps Bay side and then 200 metres away watch the city lights and the moon rise slowly on the other side of the Hill.

IMG_3814 IMG_3879 IMG_3896

My friend Carol, taking in the sunset from some novel mosaic tiled benches courtesy of Table Mountain National Park authorities.



4 thoughts on “Signal Hill Supermoon Hike

  1. Been a bit too cloudy here to see much of the moon this weekend, but although bright, I wouldn’t have thought it hugely different to most full moons this year. Obviously better in other parts of the world, and I like your photo of it. Biggest orange moon I EVER saw was on the way to Fort Beaufort one year – absolutely enormous sphere rising above the Karoo.

    Nice to see those lovely mosaic benches are not covered in graffiti which seems to be the case in most of Europe these days.
    Jude xx


    • Hello Jude, lovely to hear from you!

      That Karoo moon sounds amazing and the skies must have been crystal clear without the inner city pollution. I’m picturing that bulging orange orb and all the stars twinkling like glitter.

      I was hoping for better pics, but I didn’t want to lug my tripod around on the hike, so they weren’t as nice as I envisaged.

      The bench looks fairly new so I suppose it’s early days, but let’s hope it escapes the spray cans. Sadly the same cannot be said for our trains but a lot of the inner city graf is legitimate. A guy who went to school in Fish Hoek has just written a book about the local graffiti. xxxx


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