My Winter Stash

I’ve been saving, storing and stashing them all over the house like a squirrel, waiting for winter.  I’ve been dying to get stuck into them but either the weather has been too good or my camera has dragged me off elsewhere.  I hate Cape winters – days of rain and fog on the mountain passes – but two things always always tide me through:  loads of good red wine and the books I seldom get to in the summer months.

Last count I had 32 waiting to be read – in the lounge, in my study, piled up on a shelf next to my bed.  The hard part is deciding what to read first! 🙂






12 thoughts on “My Winter Stash

  1. Nothing like a good South African red – mines a Pinotage or a Boschendal Cab Sav if you’re pouring – and some of those books look VERY interesting. I like the concept of squirreling them away; I do that too, only problem is that the UK summer is very like the SA winter 😉
    Jude xx


    • Hello Jude,
      Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but I’ve squirreled a few really good bottles of red away too! I was amazed to see loads of South African wine in Makro and Tescos the last time I was in England – really nice Boschendal export stuff. You’ll have to take a trip back here with all the books you want to read – I’ll organise the wine 🙂 xxx, Karen


      • That is very tempting!
        Just noticed the lovely ‘garden’ bookends in the first picture, like something out of Mr McGregor’s garden 🙂


      • Ha ha, I never thought of that. They are rather cute and I’m amazed at the detail and quality. ‘Made in China’ would you believe? There’s a matching photo frame and pen pot. All bought at a tiny shop at the Noordhoek Farm Village a good few years ago.


  2. I saved some up too, albeit electronically, and here we are one week from the shortest day of the year, and it’s 23c ! There have only been a couple of days so far this winter when I haven’t wanted to venture out.
    Very diverse collection you have waiting for you indeed ~ I was going to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly close too, but have since seen the movie, so will leave that one for a bit. Fascinating story though.


    • I know, isn’t this weather amazing? I almost wanted to jump in our pool yesterday. It was just that bit too cold 🙂 So far winter has been one extreme or the other – days of cold and wet with lashing winds or as close to a summer’s day as you can get. The collection is as a result of all the book launches at Kalk Bay Books and my visits to The Booke Shoppe in Tokai. They have a long wishlist of mine so I collect and stockpile for bad weather months! 🙂


      • I used to have to avert my eyes every time I walked past a bookshop ~ it was just too dangerous ! Himself bought me an ereader to save me carrying a box of books every time I left the house for more than a day, and though it was something I had vowed never to have, I must admit to being a convert now.


      • LOL, I know the feeling. Interesting re the ereader – I’ve never thought of owning one or wanting one as I love everything about books themselves – having them piled around, paging through where others have before you, noting interesting inscriptions, etc. Your blog is stunning by the way – I love the way you are showcasing one of our treasures. I’ve never been that lucky to see much wildlife on my visits, so I’ll make a point of spending a whole day there rather than rushing through in future.


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