Living Rainbows

Among my favourite places to escape to for a pick me up all your round are the local garden centres.  High up on my list is Noordhoek Garden Emporium because of their wide selection of plants and accessories and the handful of satellite businesses that operate from inside the nursery such as the deli, yoga studio, hairdresser and also a beauty salon which just happens to be owned by my friend Nikki.  The photos were all taken yesterday after the sun returned to this part of the word!! 🙂


This osteospermum is a rainbow on its’ own.




IMG_3345 IMG_3346      IMG_3381

Sugar water feeder which is very popular with the sunbirds.


What girl can resist a herb that’s chocolate??


6 thoughts on “Living Rainbows

  1. loving the osteospermum, I’m posting south African flowers at the moment on my flower blog
    gazanias at the moment but osteos to follow. I also have some chocolate mint, never use it in anything but I like rubbing it between my fingers and taking a deep sniff, heavenly scent!
    Nice idea for the sugar water feeder, sadly I don’t think it’ll work over here 😉
    Jude xx


    1. Your flower blog is gorgeous Jude – what an explosion of colour. My next post will be Aloes and Strelitzias. Orange is so NOT my favourite colour at all but my garden is a riot of it at the moment. The upside of course is that all those plants attract sunbirds!! Happy gardening xxx


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