Visiting Flamingos

After a storm that battered the Peninsula for almost a week and a day of on/off rain yesterday, the sun finally reappeared today, allowing me to get out and see a large pink and white cloud of feathers – visiting Greater Flamingos that settled in the old Kom tidal pool in Kommetjie a week ago.  Apparently it’s been about 50 years since flamingos have visited this part of the world.

IMG_3444 IMG_3437 IMG_3422



6 thoughts on “Visiting Flamingos

  1. My goodness, what an amazing event! Why on earth are they so far south? I remember seeing huge pelicans in Marina da Gama during the winter months, but flamingos! How exciting for you and what fab photos!
    Jude xx


    • Thanks for the compliment about my pics 🙂 I’ve no idea why they are here. I’ve lived on the Peninsula for almost 20 years and never seen flamingos. Last time I saw a flock like this was in Walvis Bay in Namibia last year. They are quite vocal too, Ko. xx


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