‘Project Egg’

It started out as a crazy idea while I was frying free range eggs in coconut oil last year.

I’d been following a lovely ‘field to fork’ foodie blog called The Hedgecombers for a while by then, after falling in love with Jane Sarchet’s posts about farm life in Cornwall.  For starters Janie’s photos are gorgeous, but the posts always take me back to my roots and my childhood in rural England.  Think milk pails, nettles and brambles, Shire horses, picking blackberries with my Grandad, as fresh as they come roast chicken for Sunday lunch straight from the hen run and the smell of warm gingerbread from the corner shoppe in the village.  Meet Janie (below) in the woodshed with one of her girls!

Chicken or egg

Having lived in Africa for most of my life, I relish these nostalgic visual trips down memory lane and bask in the recipes and the thought of fresh, seasonal local ingredients.  Most of the time that is, the most memorable exception being the time Janie made Squirrel Pie from a pesky grey chap with a bushy tail who was raiding their birdfeeder!  He was, I am told, quite tasty on mixed root mash!


Anyway, around the time my two eggs were sizzling in the pan, Janie (who raises chickens, Muscovy ducks and quails) had been posting about all things egg – cleaning them, storing them, you name it.  I was particularly blown away by her honesty system for selling eggs – a concept that would be very short lived in Southern Africa methinks. Janie’s blog audience had been growing in big leaps and bounds and as the aroma of my eggs filled the kitchen I thought ‘Why doesn’t Janie do a Hedgecombers recipe book all about egg dishes? What if her followers from all over the world contributed a recipe?’

Eggs 2gg

I thought her initial response seemed a bit hesitant:  “Let me think about it”, her Facebook reply read when I planted the seed,  but then before I knew it Janie had not only embraced the idea, but dived right in and christened it ‘Project Egg’.  Six months of her cajoling readers, collating recipes, testing and tasting and the result is here for everyone to enjoy – a gorgeous e-book which anyone can download for free right here.


If you look carefully you’ll spot a recipe or two of mine in there 🙂  Bon appetit!

Photos © Jane Sarchet

5 thoughts on “‘Project Egg’

  1. Hehe! I am so proud off my little community for coming up with such amazing recipes, and right at a time when my hens have gone into overdrive and are laying like crazy!
    Thank you for such a lovely (bonkers!) idea in the first place, It’s been a blast 🙂
    Janie x


  2. Awww what a lovely post! I am Janie number 1 fan. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. How great that you got her into writing a book! Thank you for loving her as much as I do. AND THANK YOU for encouraging the best “Project Egg” book ever. XxX


    • Thank you so much for the awesome feedback Trasie. I’m in awe most days at what Janie manages to achieve and her photos capture the essence of her life so beautifully. She’s one super talented lady and she only needed a slight prod fro me!! xxxxx


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