The poinsettias in my garden have exploded into colour.  It’s been quite a welcome sight after a grey and misty weekend which spelled out that winter has definitely arrived.




I bought the yellow variant from a Saturday market last year.



11 thoughts on “Poinsettias

  1. lovely photos – I particularly like the third one (macro) very sharp. I hate poinsettias here in the UK – miserly little plants in pots EVERYWHERE at Christmas time. I did have a tree in the garden in Muizenberg which was stunning and I guess spoiled me for the pot plants. Is the yellow variant as good as the original?


    • Aww, thank you 🙂 The red tree blooms profusely for most of the year. It’s near the front door and outside the room where I write, so it’s a gorgeous blaze of colour. I’ve noticed the sunbirds like it too. I’ve only had the yellow for a year or so and the plant is still only knee height, but it’s nowhere near as magnificant as the red. It’s a bit insipid in comparison actually, but I bought it because it was so different.


    • I was just as amazed when I bought the house. I knew nothing about them having only seen them in the shops as houseplants before. The first time the tree lost its leaves and all was left were sticks, I still thought “Oh well there goes that”, but every year it comes back and blooms beautifully 🙂


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