It seems really appropriate that my 100th post (yes, I have been scribbling about the tip of Africa for that long) should be something that features in my daily life – besides the pets, the garden and my travels.  Several pairs of sunbirds have been in and out of the garden for the last two days.  At times it’s like Heathrow with all the take off and landings.  They make their presence known by loud, animated twittering throughout the day, but they are damn difficult to photograph because they never stay still for long.  This gorgeous male literally flew in as I was coincidentally standing around with my camera.  It’s the closest I have been to one for any amount of time and I froze, too scared to move much.  He’s just too magnificent not to share.

IMG_3299 IMG_3292





8 thoughts on “Sunbirds

    • Sheer luck, I promise! In the right place at the right time 🙂 Lucky you with all the green. This valley has been glorious the last two days – almost like summer did a two-step backwards and forgot the next move. Spent Saturday in the Breede area and the country is becoming more and more inviting. An abundance of the usual to you! xxx


  1. A beautiful bird. And well captured. The swifts have returned here this week so the air is filled with them speedily flying overhead and mewing – does this mean summer is on its way? I love birdlife, although crows and pigeons are not a favourite. Congrats on the centenary 🙂
    Jude (UK) xx


    • Thank you Jude. I was just lucky to be where this particular chap landed with my camera and zoom attached. They had been taunting me all day, but either the sunlight was wrong or they were hidden by foliage. Then, just when I least expected it, *jackpot*. Our skies are full of starlings circling so the shift in seasons is very definite, albeit a bit confused at times. It was 23 degrees here yesterday and today was even warmer. Crazy considering it’s winter. xxx


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