St Norbert’s Priory

St Norbert’s Catholic Church on Slangkop Hill overlooking Kommetjie village offers a  magnificent view of Long Beach and Hout Bay.  Note the interesting tiled entrance to the church grounds, including a mosaic inlay.

Dating back to long before the Norbertine Fathers came to Kommetjie to establish a Priory for their Order in 1967, the Church began as a small chapel – the Chapel of St. Joseph – built in 1948 in memory of a wealthy Italian immigrant, Joseph Rubbi who settled in the Cape in the late 19th century.

IMG_2191IMG_2186 IMG_2170IMG_2171


8 thoughts on “St Norbert’s Priory

      • To be honest I don’t think we did. And when I lived in CT I never visited any church to my recollection. I’m not religious in the least, but I do love the architecture and workmanship that goes into these buildings. And the peace. I’d love to see more.


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