The Kom

Kommetjie is an unspoilt fishing village on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula about 35km from Cape Town.  The Kom, within easy walking distance of the village, consists of a sheltered bay which is virtually fully enclosed by a ridge of boulders that were once part of a Stone Age fish trap.  In good weather conditions, the Kom is one of the best sites on land to view seabirds from, including several migratory species.  A caution — the pungent aroma of rotting kelp can take your breath away at times!

IMG_2270    IMG_2252 IMG_2325 IMG_2330 IMG_2344

I was really surprised to see a couple of Sacred Ibis among the variety of gulls.IMG_2347

Kommetjie Lighthouse towers in the background.IMG_2348IMG_2353

Sadly some Capetonians need a lot of reminding!! 🙂IMG_2249IMG_2242

Wild grasses adorn the road along the coast to Scarborough. The drive provides a stunning elevated vantage point of the coastline and the lighthouse.IMG_2224


3 thoughts on “The Kom

  1. Dropped in on your blog by chance and glad I did as I love things all ‘Cape’ and you have some lovely photos here. Do you actually live in Kommetjie? I look forward to following you!


    1. Hello and welcome! Thank you for the follow and for your kind words about my photos. I look forward to sharing more about life on the tip of Africa with you!! I live a few miles from Kommetjie in the seaside town of Fish Hoek – arguably the largest retirement village in the world according to some 🙂


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