Imhoff’s Camels

Probably the last thing you’d expect to ride near the ocean on the tip of Africa, but this all male herd of camels at Imhoff’s Farm near Kommetjie is popular all year round.  I was surprised by how soft their fur is and how they regurgitate and chew rhythmically, shifting their jaws from side to side.  Not very pretty teeth though and they object quite loudly when they have to get up!

I love their names – Izak, Ligman, Barak, Rambo & Jabulani.  Barak, the owner tells me, means ‘lightening’ and laughingly adds that said camel is the complete opposite of his name!

And in case you were wondering, no, I didn’t ride one 🙂

IMG_2538 IMG_2542 IMG_2541IMG_2557


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