The WordPress Family

It’s always wonderful to receive recognition for your blog.  It’s even more special to belong to a community of people with similar interests, who are so willing to share their talents and knowledge and often even an insight into their lives and personal experiences.

It goes without saying that I was delighted when Brigid, an expert in all things green and growing and the face behind the Ariston Elemental Organic Garden Project in Cape Town, passed on another award to me this week.  Brigid’s delightful blog can be found at


The idea behind these awards is that you pay them forward to people who you feel are equally derserving.  Some recipients are not always comfortable with the idea and tend not to pass them on, so I decided to make this a bit less pressurised by passing this on as one to each one of my lovely followers who share my life on the tip of Africa every time I post.  Whether you frame it or pass it on or whether you don’t, thank you for being part of my WordPress family!

Blessings, Karen


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