Beached Whales

One of the sadder aspects of living on the tip of Africa is witnessing tragedies such as the 19 False Killer Whales who beached themselves on Noordhoek’s Longbeach in heavy swells last night.  By late this afternoon, volunteers and marine officials were still working against the clock to keep the remaining 15 alive.  Covered in wet towels to keep them moist and with the aid of municipal trucks and earthmoving equipment, they were transported to Simonstown on anything that could carry them, to be released in the bay’s calmer waters. Sadly they rebeached themselves and those that did not perish had to be euthanised.


Volunteers filling buckets of water to keep the animals wet. This was one of those that didn’t make it.



031 034The village of Kommetjie in the background.

053Spectators flocked to the beach to take in the sight of these helpless creatures sprawled along the length of the beach.

 071This tiny bird was almost lost in the rescue vehicles’ tyre tracks.

 087 090


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