Phases of the Moon

I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying the night sky as autumn pushes summer into the shadows.  Even with light pollution in the valley, on a cloudless evening the skies have been incredibly clear with the magical twinkling of the Evening Star just after sunset, followed by a sprinkling of stars like glitter on black velvet, including Orion, my favourite constellation.

The moon has also been amazing, especially last night where I swear the waning crescent was flirting with Sirius (seen as a tiny speck on the right of the photo) 🙂




4 thoughts on “Phases of the Moon

  1. Wow, great photo’s! I’m hopeless at naming stars & constellations, but Jon was showing me an app on his ipad, whereby you hold the camera up to the night sky, and it’ll tell you what constellation you’re looking at!
    Janie x


    • Thanks Janie, I’m getting better at the sun and moon and stars. One day I will have perfected the whole Milky Way 🙂 Orion is easy to spot even on a not so clear night. Best is to go google “night sky” wherever you are and it will show you. My son did the same as Jon with his Galaxy Tab – ever so fancy! xxx


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