Owl at Dusk

For months now I have heard a Spotted Eagle Owl in the garden outside my bedroom window.  I’ve even found remnants of a probable midnight snack – clumps of tiny, downy feathers that can only belong to fledglings that were once nesting in the trees next door.

I’ve never been able to photograph the source of the mysterious, resonant “Hooo hooopoooo” until now. In the magical ten minutes between the very last rays of light before the sky turns inky, I spotted him by chance above the rooftops three houses away, atop a tall Norfolk Pine.

He was far away and there was just enough light for backlighting, but he was still larger than life and he turned to watch me as I snapped away.  No amount of money can buy magical moments like this.

003 004

For those of you who haven’t heard the call of a Spotted Eagle Owl take a listen at http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Bubo-africanus-1.mp3


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