Today I should have done the 6-hour Disa Walk hike in the Table Mountain National Park, but the heavens opened up at 8am, an eerie mist set in and that was the end of that hike. It got me thinking how, just over a month ago, we were travelling through the desert wastelands of the Namib and the Kalahari with barely a drop of water in sight.

I was taken at the time by how resourceful Namibians are, particularly in the arid areas and how something as simple as a single bloom on a dreary desert plant or a washline draped with colourful clothing in the humblest of settlements can add a welcome splash of colour to the surrounding desolation.  Most of these images were taken in Damaraland ‘drive-by-shooting’ style as my brother-in-law kept his foot firmly on the accelerator to get us to our next overnight stop 🙂

1533 1478 1451 1449 1419 1398 1202 1203 1264 1283 1293 1301


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