The tiny settlement of Solitaire features the only gas station, post office, bakery and shop between Sossusvlei and Walvis Bay on the coast. Miss this or the small service centre at Sossusvlei itself and there is literally nothing for miles.2615Our last stop before heading back to Windhoek was at Solitaire Guest Farm Desert Ranch, home to rooms with no airconditioners!! and an assortment of interesting animals like Jessie the resident Meerkat and Spike the bulldog, who happily shares his dinner with her.256525662572And when that runs out she digs for grubs.2570Then there’s Bokkie, the tame Springbok …..2574And Max, the tame Oryx.2607And the birds helping themselves to breakfast in the muesli!!2600The sunset was was amazing and I got to witness the rest of Jessie’s family foraging at daybreak outside my room.25942598258825782558258225452552And then the long trip back to Windhoek and the wildlife along the way, like the ground squirrel who posed for photos.262126282637                2549


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