Images of Damaraland – desert wilderness and place of the ancients

While much of Namibia is steeped in colonial history, this desert wasteland region was home to a thriving hunter-gatherer population many many moons ago.  The natural wonders of the Brandberg, Spitzkoppe and Twyfelfontein were probably their playground.


Vingerklip (Finger Rock)



This gorgeous resident of Damara Mopane Lodge posed like a celebrity.


Baby tiptols waiting to be fed.


Sunset over Khorixas.





Twyfelfontein (above), meaning ‘doubtful fountain’ is home to rock engravings and bushman paintings and the Organ Pipes (below), a fascinating geological formation located nearby.

1326 1252

The  Petrified Forest –  enormous fossilized tree trunks in an old river channel near Khorixas.




Donkey carts – a typical sight in Damaraland.


So are humble dwellings in this desolate, desert wasteland.



Namibian Rock Agama


Warning to watch out for desert elephants in Damaraland.  We saw none 😦


The long and bumpy road through Damaraland.

14001447 1455

The Spitzkoppe (below)


1465 1479 1497 1501 1517


4 thoughts on “Images of Damaraland – desert wilderness and place of the ancients

  1. Wow, what amazing photos! Firstly, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to farm the land those houses are on. Makes me reconsider all the moaning I do about the constant rain here.
    Secondly, I want one of those elephant road signs to sneakily set up on a road here in Cornwall!


    • Thanks Janie! I have to say we asked each other several times how people (and animals) manage to survive in such a wasteland. The only farming I saw was cattle and goats and even then they were eating scrub rather than green fields. I was blown away by how resourceful Namibians are in such harsh conditions. There were also warthog warning signs but I missed out on getting a photo. I’ll DHL you one of each next time I go. I’m trying to imagine the reaction of one strategically placed on those narrow country roads, particularly those leading from the local pub! 🙂


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