Southern Right Whales

I was so blessed today to see the last of this season’s Southern Right whales frolicking in False Bay.  The pics aren’t wonderful as she was some distance away from shore but you can see her blowing and at one point her calf emerges from the water with her.  What an honour to live in a place these beautiful creatures visit.405 430 442

395Southern Right Whales visit Fish hoek  every year to mate and calve during the months of August through until late November.


2 thoughts on “Southern Right Whales

  1. I was on a cruise boat heading north up Puget Sound in the U.S. state of Washington back in 1995 when we came upon a gray whale and her calf. The captain shut off our engine and we coasted slowly. The mother whale positioned herself between us and her calf, and at one point she rose to the surface and made what can only be described as a growling noise- a deep, thunderous rumble that said, “Keep your distance.” Then she puffed out steam, and the smell of that breath was pretty bad. It was a peak experience for me.


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