Constantia Open Gardens (Part 2)

The final stop on this year’s Open Garden’s route was a sprawling, established garden, complete with orchard and herb garden at 6 Avenue Beauvais, Constantia.  Again this garden was awash with colour reminiscent of an English Country garden – large beds with a mix of flowers, colours and textures – lush and romantically overgrown. with an abundance of roses, rose-covered trellises, lavender, foxgloves, clipped hedges and lillies of all colours.IMG_4052 IMG_4091IMG_4060IMG_4064 IMG_4062  IMG_4057IMG_4058IMG_4096


7 thoughts on “Constantia Open Gardens (Part 2)

      1. I’ll try not to disappoint 🙂 Our garden is awash with colour which is always a delight, but still not in full bloom. The two granadilla vines have finally taken off though – no doubt in part thanks to all the rain. Hope to have fruit this year! So far so good with the almond trees on beating last year’s bumper crop of one almond between the two trees 😉 We may just have 30 between them this year, so Patrick our Malawian magician was right to tell me to be patient and leave them in for another season. We may just lose the fig tree though which I will miss dearly. It was my seasonal barometer until a nasty little thing called a Cape Fig Borer decimated large parts of the main branches and roots. I pruned it severely but not even a bud yet. The dogs have also been barred from one side of the house in the interests of saving flower beds. Will try and get some decent pics as things start to take off.


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