Life in my Winter Garden

Winter is confused at the moment!  Not quite sure what it should be doing as temperatures fluctuate from mild and Spring-like, to icy with days of perpetual downpour, only to turn right around again with beaming sunny skies.  The garden is still a great place to be though with an array of delights.

The Southern Boubou is shy and illusive, barely moving from this Australian Brush Cherry tree.  It’s a bushshrike with rufous underparts and two distinctive calls.

There is still an abundance of moths and butterflies …..

….. the odd praying mantis – this one minus half a feeler …..

….. and the not-so-welcome snails that surface from nowhere after the rains.

And then there is my garden helper Leo – like my shadow, always at my side!

The downside of this silly season mixup is that some plants aren’t sure what they should be doing and the recent cold spell made all my Pak Choi bolt before they were half grown.

It was my first attempt at the oriental winter veggies and I was devastated, but the flowers are delicious!  They have a mustardy taste a bit like rocket flowers.

Always a good indication of what season it is, the fig tree has lost all its leaves and the last few fruits that escaped the main summer picking for fig preserve.

Happy gardening everyone!


4 thoughts on “Life in my Winter Garden

  1. I find Oriental veg very hard to grow. I’ve planted them in every season and they always bolt. Love that Praying Mantis pic and of course the one of your lovely pooch.


    1. They seemed to do okay until the cold spell, but the young leaves were still delicious in a stir fry – the leaf part shrivelled quite fast leaving a juicy, crunchy stalk. I found the ones in full sun did better than the few I planted in dappled semi shade in terms of growth. I’ll keep trying 🙂 The praying mantis was actually quite feisty – didn’t like the camera at all.


  2. Leo is such a sweetie, what beautiful face! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a preying mantis – what odd looking critters! Loved having a nosey round your blog, I’ll be following you on Bloglovin’ 🙂


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