Boulders Penguin Colony

After a week of heavy rain and plummeting temperatures, the sun came out amost as if spring had returned.  I headed out to Boulders Beach, a thriving African Penguin breeding colony tucked away in a wind-sheltered cove between Simonstown and Cape Point.  The tourists were out in force as always, but I managed to find a few quiet spots where I could observe the resident wildlife.  And I was surprised to find more than penguins …….

Colourful shrubbery

Tangled undergrowth – the perfect nesting place for penguins

One of many clusters of boulders

Suntanning on a rock they morph into a ball

The African Penguin (formerly Jackass Penguin) – listed in the Red Data Book as an endangered species

Pigeon toed?

Juveniles shedding their down.  Down isn’t waterproof so they need to lose it before they can go into the ocean to feed.

The gull among the penguins

Egyptian goose

A sneak peek of the beach through the thicket

Gull in the kelp

Shot up during the recent rains no doubt.  Not sure what kind it is

Young hyrax (rock hyrax or dassies)

Like a big guinea pig, it’s hard to believe that genetically their closest living relative is an elephant


2 thoughts on “Boulders Penguin Colony

    1. Hi Bridget. They are really comical, especially when they trip over their own feet. I find the waddle delightful – almost like the Mad Hatter on a mission to get somewhere fast. I love your blog by the way – refreshing and all about really living. Best wishes, Karen


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