Down in the herb garden

Quietly tucked away at the side of the house, sheltered from the winds and bathed in sunshine for most of the day is a special little spot I call my own. It’s a constant source of delight.

Feverfew and thyme dwarfed by a rapidly growing curry bush

Real red hot chilli peppers

I didn’t know leeks flowered until they did!

Wonderful Parcel (Leaf Celery), bought as a young herb in a pot from Woolies. Best described as “tastes like celery but grows like parsley”, it gives a celery favour to salads and cooking at the same time garnishing.

Pineapple sage – the loftiest of all my herbs. It seems to flower all year round.

The messiest herb of them all – simple chives. No matter how I pluck and trim it just keeps growing with wild abandon!

The “pepper”in these pepperdews is a complete understatement.


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